Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Custom TOMS at Radford

I'm continuing on my college speaking tour, and today I'm at Radford University in Virginia speaking to over a thousand students about TOMS and the One for One story. This morning, I met Laura who had a rad pair of custom TOMS.

She entered them in a contest we're running with Teen Vogue where fans can design their own pair of TOMS- keep your eye out for voting which starts next month. TOMS will make whatever shoe gets the highest votes!


SoccerGirl88 said...

Hey Blake, when are you coming back to Missouri? I couldn't make it last time but I heard it rocked :-)

I've been trying to get in contact with some peeps at TOMS- the company I work for would like to raise some money for you guys and give you the check at the end. Could you have someone email me or give me a buzz?

Thanks let me know if you'll be on the mid west party train anytime soon!

Lauren Bradley

Jeff Rice said...

How ya doing Blake, you should come to UMass Amherst and speak. We have an entrepreneurship club with around 300 members and we're always looking to hear from great entrepreneurs. Ever since I saw that commercial you were in and saw what you were doing I've been truly inspired by your work.

I'm looking to start a company that would donate about half of its revenue to charity but I'm still trying to work the kinks out.

Love the shoes and your message!

-Jeffery Rice

Milly said...

Hi Blake.. My name is Milly and I wanted to say that what you spoke on friday, August 6th at the Global Leadership Summit was truly inspiring. I am part of a wonderful college campus ministry called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship serving the Hunter College chapter. We are considering on taking the challenge in April :) Also, you have encouraged me to look beyond life after graduation. I'm prayerfully considering in doing an outreach in my home country Peru!

Keep sowing in the lives of everyone you come across! May God bless you hundredfold in your company. Never lose your mission! Keep persevering!

Have a blessed day,

Milly Aquije