Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life is never boring on the road

I spoke at University of Kentucky last night. Not only did the campus rep Emilee already have her One Day Without Shoes tshirt...

... the club also created HUGE 5-foot long TOMS shoes. Amazing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back on the course

I can count on one hand the number of days I was able to play golf on a weekday in the past year, but last week one of those rare, special days happened. With all the excitement leading up to next week's Masters, I could not have been more ready to dust off my clubs and take a walk on the green grass. I was in Tuscon for a speaking engagement and had the afternoon free, so I headed to The Stone Canyon, compliments of the lovely Candice Wolfswinkel at TOMS. Maybe I was looking a little pale last week and in need of some Arizona sun... so she not only she suggested it, but set the whole thing up. She even asking her dad and brother Ashton to join me, which made it all that much more enjoyable. Besides the Wolfswinkel clan, we were joined by Ashton's biz partner Jason and friend Ian Lopatin (a yoga guru who hits a very long straight ball), as well as the nicest golf pro I have ever met, Todd Huizinga. It proved to be the perfect day, and I could not help but to share some pics and a funny conversation I overhead between two business partners on the 4th tee box.

"How are we supposed to have interns if we cannot manage the one employee we currently have" ... says one business partner to the other while on the golf course on a MONDAY afternoon, beer in hand.

Too funny...

Have a great week, and get some sun if you have the chance. Spring is here :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Custom TOMS at Radford

I'm continuing on my college speaking tour, and today I'm at Radford University in Virginia speaking to over a thousand students about TOMS and the One for One story. This morning, I met Laura who had a rad pair of custom TOMS.

She entered them in a contest we're running with Teen Vogue where fans can design their own pair of TOMS- keep your eye out for voting which starts next month. TOMS will make whatever shoe gets the highest votes!