Monday, September 28, 2009

Off to Ethiopia

I spent last week at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in NYC for the third year in a row. As with last year, I walk in to this conference with such an incredible level of respect for the individuals who participate and who are making a considerable impact on the world. But also, just as last year, my expectations are blown away. The goals that are created, and the reflections on past successes are beyond inspiring. If I could bottle an ounce of the inspiration that is brewed at this conference to give to each of you, the world would be in damn good shape in about a day. They open our eyes to the multitude of issues and challenges and hardships that drastically affect lives of all types of people. But beyond discussing the issues, this is the place where action items are created, organizations hold each other accountable, and change is realized. That’s what keeps TOMS coming back.

Met up with Jessica Alba + Cash Warren who are also doing amazing work at CGI. They're both such wonderful people!

This weekend, I took a flight to another place I'm very excited about, Ethiopia. TOMS began an initiative there in 2008 providing shoes to children at risk for an awful disease called Podoconiosis. I've relayed to my team back at HQ how passionate I am about this initiative, and I could barely sleep the past couple nights knowing that soon, I will be able to experience our work there with my own 5 senses. The coming weeks will be spent far away from marketing meetings, emails and rigorous schedules, and close to the need, the disease and the people.

As much as I'm looking forward to the experiences and education over the next month, I'm also looking forward to my return and sharing these things with all of you.

Signing off, and Carpe Diem.