Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Last night, we hosted an awesome launch party at The Viceroy in Santa Monica to announce that TOMS will now be carried in the hip west-side hotel. Conveniently, its just about my birthday time, too (next week!), so together with my TOMS family, friends old and new, artists, The Viceroy crew and everyone's awesome guests, we celebrated. We celebrated all night long and it was absolutely amazing to have such a great crowd come out to support TOMS and wish me happy birthday. Endless thanks to the TOMS team (Jill, Garett, Katie, and Megan- amazing!!) for envisioning such a stellar event and making it perfect down to all the last details, The Viceroy staff for being wonderful hosts, Karma Tequila for quenching our thirst, our artists who came out to custom paint TOMS all night long: Cheech, Man One, Theo Hetherington, and Brooke Reidt, A Fine Frenzy and DJs Oil & Vinegar for pumping the perfect music, and every single guest for hanging out, having fun, and meeting all the wonderful people I'm lucky to be surrounded by.

Cheers to 33!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dave Matthews Band Tour on the road

Dave Matthews Band's summer tour has really taken off, and TOMS is as excited as ever to be a part of it. Who knew, when I was 21 listening to "Crash Into Me" on the radio, that this influential band would some day be sharing a simple idea of mine to thousands and thousands of like-minded concert-goers? It's proof again that the unexpected twists and turns that drive our lives should be readily accepted with open arms. Both the TOMS that Dave designed himself and the firedancer style are getting such a crazy response! I've started to notice the iconic DMB icon on cars, stickers and windows more and more and it's humbling to see it on a pair of shoes that represent an ambitious mission to provide shoes to children in need all around the world. I'm yet to see a pair in action, however, so if you made it out to a Dave Matthews Band show this summer, or if you ordered a pair from their website, twitpic me a photo!