Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lakeland Style Your Sole

I was in Lakeland last week, speaking at Florida Southern College and also got to stop by a really inspiring Style Your Sole event. The community of Lakeland raised enough money to purchase 150 pairs of TOMS so they could host a Style Your Sole for these awesome kids that are supported by local organizations. Check out all the photos below!

Miracle, customizing her TOMS


jcweiland said...

Thanks for coming to our event Blake! Here's a link to some more photos!

Kayla Lane said...

Blake -- I attended your keynote speech last night at the AT&T center. It. was. amazing. You really inspired me to combine my passions in a way that can benefit me economically and fulfill a higher purpose. ("You can do good and do well at the same time.") I just declared an International Relations/Global Studies major and am pursuing an Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor. I hope to one day create a project that is as remarkable as TOMS shoes. Amazing!

Jennifer Formo said...


You are quite inspirational not just with what you have done with TOMS but in the way you live your life....such energy and passion. I love it, and it inspires me. Thank you for your words of wisdom at the Omaha Young Professionals Summit. It gave me the boost I needed to continue on my path of excellence for myself and my life. Dream on...

Jennifer Formo, Omaha

Anonymous said...

Blake - I love what you did with the "Style Your Soul" event back in mid February!

I am skiing with a friend of mine at Canyons Resort in Park City Utah this week and saw a similar phenomena. Riding the gondola this morning we couldn't help but realize how each one of the cars were uniquely painted. As we rode, we wondered what type of community event the resort held to get them all painted? It really looked like they invited out a lot of local artists and let them run wild with their brushes!

Not sure if that's how it happened, but what I do know is that every time we invite others to create the future they envision, everyone benefits...and we typically land on something that is better for all of us.

The local artists were afforded a place (very public at that!) to showcase their creations and the resort benefitted from some amazing artwork...not to mention a community PR arm they may not have otherwise had.

Kuddos to you and the soul-full set of shoes that were created...maybe one day the people who are wearing them will strike up a conversation with one of their friends and say, "I wonder who painted your shoes?"

Josh Epperson

Taylor said...

Blake, I work for a non-profit, Helping Hand Home for Children in Austin, TX. This would be an amazing opportunity for our children at HHH, who have been removed from their homes because of severe abuse and neglect. We are constantly teaching our children how to give back to other kids. I saw how to sign up on your website and hope we can work something out for the future!