Monday, August 11, 2008

Back To School

I know I’ve mentioned how great our interns here at HQ are, but I also need to let you all know about our dedicated Campus Reps. TOMS Shoes has young people across the country volunteering their time to spread the word about our company. They are our High School reps and our College Reps, and they throw super Style Your Sole parties and educate their communities about One for One. The school year is about to rev up, and we already have some great Campus Reps on board for Fall. Now begins their hard work and planning to make a difference this semester. I have total faith in all of them to represent TOMS Shoes in the best way possible, and to help get more shoes on people’s feet around the world!

If you’re interested in representing TOMS on your campus, we are still accepting applications. Check out

Monday, August 4, 2008

In a couple weeks I will be heading back to Argentina for a very special Shoe Drop. This past year, we held an internal contest for our sales reps across the country- set a goal on how many TOMS you will sell, and make it happen. A “Dash to the Drop,” we called it. Those who reached their goal have been invited on a shoe drop in Mendoza, Argentina- all expenses paid. But we even extended the offer to those who came close, because at the end of the day, the Shoe Drops are what make people truly passionate about TOMS.

Everyone who attends a Shoe Drop in Argentina has the great pleasure of befriending an incredible man whom many call my long lost brother in Argentina, but much funnier: Alejo Nitti. Alejo joined me when starting TOMS Shoes…..literally in his barn two and a half years ago, and although he was an accountant by trade and a professional polo player at the time, he soon became TOMS Shoes’ Chief Shoe Maker. While on a past-due visit to the States a couple weeks ago, Alejo resigned from this position and knighted Sean Scott (Head of Development) our new Chief Shoe Maker (yes, there was a sword present and a cape made of original TOMS fabric was worn). Alejo has taken on such a greater role to utilize his presence in Argentina. He now oversees all of the Shoe Drops there (we soon will have a Shoe Drop take place every 2 weeks, open to anyone who is passionate about TOMS!), and helps to coordinate the trips along with another fantastic gentleman, Pepe.

I can’t wait to be in Argentina with a group of incredible TOMS sales reps who are working so hard to promote our brand, and also to spend some great times with Alejo.

If you’re interested in going on a shoe drop, please click here to learn more