Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life is never boring on the road

I spoke at University of Kentucky last night. Not only did the campus rep Emilee already have her One Day Without Shoes tshirt...

... the club also created HUGE 5-foot long TOMS shoes. Amazing.


Escamillo said...

Hi Blake,
I've just finished watching the second season of the Amazing Race and wish to applaud you and Paige for the amazing grace you showed at every stage of the race. A wonderful pair of contestants. I'm glad now to see you're doing well. All the best in your future endeavours.
Alex, 28, Paris

leeselooks said...


I have no idea if you will get this or not. But i just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to me... truly.

I am from sherwood park, alberta , canada and actually know/am friends with steve dubbledam + steve opperman! I lived in South Africa (my love) for 4 years and studied social work, but it's a long story on how i ended there in the 1st place!

I am now living in New York and just started at FIT and am taking Fashion Marketing/ merchandising. Although one of my passions is fashion, my purpose and main passion is kids, humantarian work and quite simply helping.

I am so inspired by TOMS and you Blake, that I had to connect with you on here. I partcipated on April 8th ( albeit not the full day, as nyc streets are quite frightening) have watched each of TOMs videos over and over again, and shed tears over each one. I worked in the townships Cape Town, especially Khayelisha, and my heart aches everytime I see a child in need.

anyways this is turning into a novel. I just did not know how else to reach you ( I even messaged Steve Op to tell him how inspired i am )

I just applied for the Campus Club, and hope to bring it to FIT asap!

I like you truly believe that you can tie two passions together, and in the end change peoples lives, hearts and ultimately change our planet.

Thanks for doing what you do, every. single. day. It is an inspiration and a true, true blessing.


Lisa Holowaychuk

Katie said...

Hey Blake. I actually just got through watching you speak at Texas Tech and had a question that I didn't get to ask you. I was wondering if TOMS is considering extended its product line (besides a few t-shirts and hats) beyond shoes? If so, you guys should think about making BACKPACKS! Heck yeah.