Monday, November 3, 2008



Jackie G. said...

OK, this is a surreal moment! I babysat for your family a LOOOONG time ago! I googled the quote by Ghandi and YOUR name was in a link attached to it. My son's girlfriend wears TOMS and loves them, first because of your company's mission and second because they are comfy and cool! You are truly blessing others with your talents. I know your parents have to be so proud! Keep on doing all the good that you can for as long as you can!!

Jackie in A-town, Texas

chance chapman said...

I never babysat for your family, but I wanted to say thanks for starting some a neat company. Keep going with your gut, don't ever "take a salary job", and never give up. You're doing an awesome job Blake.

-Chance Chapman
Fayetteville, AR

Birth Mom of Adoption said...

Just another A-town Texas gal, saying hi and great job! We saw your video at watermark this past Tuesday night at the Porch. Then it all came together where I knew the name from. I went to SMU, and I got an email about the November 17th young alumni program you were speaking at regarding your entrepreneurial success... And at the time, I didn't put two and two together. I think I was getting my Mycoskie's confused, or maybe it's just a large family? Are you an interlochen boy? Maybe Lamar? I could be way off... Regardless, I just decided to buy shoes for everyone this holiday season, so I think Watermark did a good job! Everyone loved the video!
I wanted to comment on this post, just because I'm curious who you voted for! Do tell. That line was ridiculous! It took me 10 minutes here in A-town! lol And, I see you sold us out for the big city...but I imagine that the best place be, as far as getting the word it's ok I guess. :)
I got goosebumps when he told us about the disease in Ethiopia (Podo-something, I think) that affects 1 in 9 kids? And shoes would prevent it from ever happening??!! What a miracle that will be...and already is!! Its so amazing what God can and will do for the people just willing to go for it and keep the faith! BTW, I couldn't of made it my freshman year without the laundry service! Thanks for that too!
I saw we can design our own shoe on toms website... for a group I think too? I'll look at it again, because I'd love to design one with my little birth mom mission/non-profit logo on it, someday. No need to respond, I just wanted to say thanks...and I just ramble on! Good Luck! I'll do my part to spread the word about TOMS and be praying for it's continued success! Go Ponies!
The Story of A Girl

America said...

Hi Blake, my name is America, and i just finally decided to send you a line. and tell you about me..
I saw your cause long time ago in a magazine and I ripped the page and been having that piece of paper in my agenda for ever hoping to contact you someday and congratulate you, after that I have research about and I have to say that I have the biggest crush on you...I know is weird... but I feel conected some how because I did a cause similar with artisans from south america. Im originally from caracas- venezuela and I have been importing art and handcraft to the us from amazing artist in remote towns that i had found with time. Some of the art is actually being sold right now in extremely nice museums like the smithsonian giving recognition to those artist that never thought that their art was going to go taht far. If you want to contact me please do
I live in Richmond - Viriginia.