Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day one Recap

No heat last night, freaking freezing in the airstream

No hot water = no shower = people feeling sorry for us at nordstroms and buying lots of TOMS..hmm, maybe we are on to something.

No rv parks, so we slept in the parking lot of nordstroms (see attached sunrise pic). the good thing is we did not have a morning commute, the bad thing is we could not "dump" the days waste so things are a little smelly right now.

On the good side, we met some really great sales associates at Nordstroms and sold a bunch of shoes. We also drank some great wine at Leap Shoe Lounge in Calabasas.

I think 50 more kids in Argentina are smiling right now, and I feel really alive.

Stay tuned, I have some great video footage of zak?.


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