Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Our Youth


This past weekend I met some of the most extraordinary grade school girls in Nordstrom. First, I met a set of 12-year-old twins and their cousin who made me realize what a slacker I was for my first 20 years on this planet. These girls, who are only 12, have already written a best selling novel and are established singer/songwriters, and did I mention that they are adorable and only 12�.Mary Kate and Ashley, you better watch out. Check out their site at


The next day, at the Mission Viejo Nordstrom, I met a young girl who came directly up to the TOMS display and told her mom that these were the shoes she read about in TIME Magazine for Kids. It turns out that her whole class read the article, and her teacher even had planned on contacting us to see if I would come and speak to them. Now, on a random Sunday, this young girl was meeting me and telling me all about my company�.how cool is that? Her and her mom bought pairs of TOMS, and I gave her a copy of the shoe drop dvd to take and share with her class.


So, just 4 days into this and these are just a few of the amazing people we are meeting. Being on the road is tough, especially with a temperamental heater, and a growing stench coming from the bathroom area, but it is all worth it when you meet people that inspire you like this. Zak and I are headed to our first RV Park to do our first �dump� which should help with the smell, so I leave you now to your warm homes and good dinners�


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