Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Orleans

Last night we experienced the Rebirth Brass Band at the Maple Leaf in New Orleans (strongly suggested by Elle�s Jenny Feldman). Now I use the word �experience� deliberately because you do not watch or see this band, you literally experience them and the music as it reverberates through your bones and hopefully your soul.


Sear Sucker Blazer by Trovata � Available at Barneys NYC

Straw Hat by �made in china� � Available at Moe�s Truck Stop

Day 21 of our 3-week anniversary on this tour started with a trip to the Blue Bird Caf�. Zak said his corn beef hash was one of the best he had ever had and I quote, �It is hard to screw up corn beef hash, but they really went above and beyond my expectations with this plate.�

However, he was less than satisfied with his home fries, and vowed to never order them again. He explained, �The problem with home fries is that they are irregular in what they are (getting very philosophical now)�you see, every place I order them sends out something slightly different, some are fried, some or mushy, so you never know what exactly you are going to get.�

Perhaps Zak should stick to McDonalds. They seem to have the whole consistency thing down pretty well.


Glasses by Chanel � Availabel at

Hair Styling by Paul Mitchell � Available at John Paul�s house in Austin

While in New Orleans we stopped by Pied Nu and visited with the lovely Priscilla who owns the fashionable boutique on Magazine Street. She was one of our first supporters and was very enthusiastic about the new styles coming out this summer. While there we did an interview with Susan, the fashion editor of the Times-Picayne Newspaper. She asked really great questions and I think the feature will be great for getting the message of TOMS out to the people of New Orleans.


Blake and Pied Nu owner Priscilla O�Quinn

While there we learned about an inspirational designer named Christina Kim, who Priscilla really supported. Kim�s line is called Dosa and she uses organically grown wools in addition to hand loomed cottons. Googling the line later I found a great quote from her printed in TIME Mag earlier this year. Kim states, "I am less interested in some really grandiose idea of how I'm going to save the environment," says Kim. "Ultimately, we have to look at how we spend one day.�

I could not agree more.


Dosa � Available at Pied Nu New Orleans


Zak wearing Dosa scarf and skirt

Dosa - Available at Pied Nu - Zak - Available at 949-315-5357

Well our time is up in New Orleans and we are off to Florida. Tomorrow I am speaking to a 4th Grade class at Gene Witt Elementary School. They read about me in TIME for Kids and nominated me the Do Gooder of the Year. I can�t wait. I think we are going to work on some designs for the Spring 08 collection.

I will leave you with our latest Mantra "We're not here for a long time, but we are here for a good time."



PS, new episode of the TOMS Chronicles coming tomorrow, check videos

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