Monday, October 4, 2010

Waiting for "Superman"

I had the pleasure of meeting Davis a couple years ago, and we've been good friends ever since. Not only is he a smart and progressive individual, we share a lot of the same ideas about doing good in this world. Davis is really talented at communicating information and inspiring action through film making, and his most recent documentary is no different. Waiting for “Superman” is a documentary about the flawed education system in the United States. The truths in the film are eye-opening, and the emotions are really powerful. I saw it once... saw it again... and then sent all of TOMS HQ to go watch it together a couple weeks ago.

Congrats to Davis and his team for releasing a documentary that will educate so many people.


Cher said...

Dear Blake, from time to time I check out you Blog. Every time I take a peek, I get to see the great life you’re experiencing. Your comments on "Waiting for "Superman"" are well fitting. I work part-time in one of Georgia’s School systems and so I get to watch the education of our children each time am in the building. It is my prays that everyone who’s in the business of educating children should will see this film. May you always be bless for the great work you do in this country and around the world. Thank you...Cher

favline said...

It's nice to have your posts back! I'll check this out and spread the word.

Congrats for the 1Mth Shoe Drop and for 1Bth more!

Favline Team

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Tisha said...

i just watched GLS and i was blown away.
By the way, i am buying a pair of TOMS

Teagan said...

"Doing good in this world" is a human responsibility that too many ignore. However, there are those who, in an attempt to be socially conscious, end up doing more harm than good. Simply because one has the power to make an audience listen does not make him knowledgeable, unbiased, or right. Davis is wrong on too many accounts to go into in this blurb and he does a serious disservice to the state of education. I encourage you to have a discussion with a public school educator so that you can truly be informed, rather than being swayed solely by emotion.