Friday, May 21, 2010

Yesterday at TOMS HQ...

I was lucky to have some really awesome guests come by HQ yesterday. If you haven't heard of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, you're missing out. I was stoked after seeing them live for the first time at Coachella this year, and they're definitely my go-to play list when I'm traveling.

I don't think I've ever met a group of people with better style, from their music down to their MySpace page... and hey- they wear TOMS too.

Check out their music and videos on their MySpace page:


Rachelle said...

Hi Blake-

It's very inspiring to see all that you've done with TOMS. It's such a meaningful cause and your passion for it really shows. I admire your spirit and character, and I look forward to seeing TOMS reach even more people across the globe :)


peace of glass said...

Dear Blake,

I know this is a bit unorthodox and maybe even bordering on unprofessional, but you seem like a guy who takes what someone has to say to heart and I think you might appreciate what I am trying to accmomplish. I want to intern at TOMS because it has lit a fire inside me that has inspired and motivated more than anything else thus far in my life. I fully believe in the One for One movement and I love that it empowers individuals and communities to know that they CAN make a difference. A few years ago I decided to fully commit and dedicate my life to bettering the lives of others, and I feel strongly to my core that it is my calling and purpose for this life. In March I worked in a hospital in Guatemala with orphaned childrn with disabilities, it pushed me outside of my comfort zone and first the first time I really felt what it means to give..and it is a feeling that I want to feel again and again. So much that I am returning for two months to central america to do do more work in hospitals and with organic farmers. I can not think of better use of my time, energy, mind, heart and soul then to be an Agent of Change at TOMS this fall after I get back from what is sure to be an incredible experience in Central America. I am working my butt off right not to plan and coordinate an event to raise awareness of TOMS and the One for One mission,promote sales, and also to accept donations for Citizen Effect.I have a venue lined up with food and drinks, and I have three local stores (one that sales TOMS!) donating raffle items and 20% of their sales from the evening. I will be screening the documentary, speaking, and have fun activities to get kids, teens, young adults, and adults all involved and inspired. I am looking forward to it so much, to know that I will be in one way or another a part of the TOMS family, spreading the word and the love. I applied for an internship postion online last week and then I created a fan/support page in my quest to get the job!/pages/PICK-CHELSEA-GLASS-FOR-FALL-2010-INTERN-POSITION/101522169895359.

I just want you to know that how much TOMS has changed my life but showing me how change is really really possible and can be done in a way where are people involve benefit. Working at TOMS would really fulfill a dream for me and I hope that maybe if you read this you will feel how much I truly care and would help me make this a reality. No matter if I get the internship or not I will always believe in and support and promote TOMS and all that it stands for! And I will just keep applying over and over again :). Thank you so much for your time if you have any questions for me or any reason to contact me..

You have done and are doing truly amazing things!

padre28 said...

Dear Blake,
My name is Daniela and I got to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It is a Catholic and school and we have Religion. So this time we have a project were you have to reshearch a good leader or someone how you think is a good rolemodel.And i choose to do you. I chose you because I think that it is amazing how you came up with an idea to help those that are poor and need shoes in a very creative that people love and things they need. This inspired me very much! AND I LOVE YOUR SHOES!!! They are very comfterable and cute. And so I was just wondering if you could give a little bit about your backgroud for my project. I would be very pleased if you did!