Saturday, November 14, 2009

Digg it

I might've mentioned it before, but I really do get to meet some awesome people when traveling for TOMS. Earlier this year, I met an incredibly successful young entrepreneur who I admire a ton. He has built an innovative company, he's a creative thinker, and an all around great guy. Kevin Rose is not only the CEO of the online powerhouse and social news site, but also one of the most influential people on Twitter, and now part of the TOMS family with the TOMS and Digg collaboration we launched earlier this week. You can hear us both blab about the collab in this video, but I just wanted to let you all know how personally excited I am. These types of partnerships help TOMS reach expansive new audiences and make it possible to put hundreds and thousands (and someday millions!) of new shoes on children's feet.

And the neon orange sole is pretty sick. Don't you think?

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Fiber Focus said...

Hello, Blake! I saw an interview with you in Heifer International's magazine and thought I would share your wonderful project. I posted about it in my blog (, joined your facebook page and hope I can keep sending people your way. Projects like these really do make all the difference and give me a lot of hope!

I hope it's OK that I used photos from your website to illustrate the blog story...