Friday, October 30, 2009

TOMS on campus, flights for meditation, and good new tunes

I've been visiting a ton of campuses this semester, sharing TOMS and the idea of a One for One business model with students all over the country. I really enjoy getting to meet all the young people who are wearing their TOMS on campus everyday, and I'm excited to know that telling the TOMS story is inspiring new individuals to be lifetime supporters of One for One. Last night at Purdue University, over 1,000 people came out and it was one the biggest crowds they have ever had! It's such a great natural high to connect with these students. You can tell these are the people who going to change the world!

But I definitely appreciate the quiet hours on the flights. Looking out over the blanket of clouds is wonderful and meditative. I saw 4 sunrises from my window seat this week (yes, that means I had 4 days of 5 am wake up calls, I admit I'm a little tired!). I also downloaded a ton of music on iTunes while one of my flights was delayed, and I am currently in love with: Skinny Love by Bon Iver, Kids by MGMT, The National Boxer by Fake Empire, and Furr by Blitzen Trapper.

Now I'm headed back to LA- for only 48 hours- and could not be more excited to see the TOMS staff at HQ and dress up for Halloween.... This year I'm dressing up as "Where's Waldo" which I think is quite fitting. No one ever knows where I am!


carrie_elizabeth said...

Hey Blake- I was one of those 1,000 in the crowd at Purdue last night. It was great to hear your message and I could really feel your passion for what you do. I had heard you were coming to Purdue a couple of weeks ago and marked it on my calendar. When the time came closer I told a bunch of people I was going to hear you speak, sadly only one person I told had ever heard of you, or Toms Shoes for that matter. But just like you said in your speech, I told them who you were, what your company does, and how great it is; definitely the power of 10!

PS Watch this video for Skinny Love Great song!

Chris Mycoskie said...

Wish we could get you on campus here at Southeastern Louisiana.

Renee said...

Hi Blake,
I have always wondered how I could write you and you would receive as I am sure you receive so much fan mail and things that people write to you. I wanted to tell you as my wish has always been to meet you one day. Your help to others has inspired me.I have always had a dream to help others no matter who they are or where they come from.
I had started alittle charitable collections to help children this year at Christmas time. I have always wanted to do something like this and wondered how. It is called
"Faith For Children" I am collecting toys & books to give to the children that walk into St. Augustine's Church on Christmas day and all I want is to see a smile on a childs face. I have always been afraid to try things because I have been afraid of not being able to make my dreams come true for my self or others.
I am a single mom w/ a 13yr old son
that is just like me. I hope one day I could truly meet you and help one time in the travels w/ you and your people to get that feeling of fullfilment in my heart.
I hope one day I can do what you do.
I am sure you get so many emails and comments from all around the world but, I hope I hear from you.
I am also on face book.I hope I can do the work you do as that is my passion and dream one day.

Bio said...

As a College Student who wears Toms everyday I can, we LOVE them!

Get a comfy pair of shoes and know you are helping a child in need at the same time. It doesn't get much better!

Anonymous said...

I was also one of those 1,000 fans at Purdue who came to hear you speak. I wish I had a video of my face at who knows what time at night when I just HAPPENED to pass a big poster in Krannert (the school of mgmt building, which I NEVER go in) announcing your visit to West Lafayette. I nearly fell over and died...I've been a die-hard fan of Toms from the moment I heard about them, and the chance to actually see you speak about the movement in person was truly inspirational. I'm in love with Toms (the shoe itself AND the concept) and I share my love with anyone who will listen...and some who won't! :)

Keep truckin'--this is a great thing. And keep reaching out to college students--I firmly believe that you and I and a crap-ton of college students out there are the generation that is going to change the world.

Caylin Riley

chandrima` said...

I was wondering if i could interview you when your on our campus on oct 6th. email is