Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TOMS Celebrates 200M Facebook Users

In the past few weeks, TOMS has set some pretty steady records- we had our 100,000 customer come through, we hit 10,000 fans on our Facebook page, and now Facebook is celebrating a pretty amazing milestone of their own.

Today, the 200 millionth user signed up for a Facebook account. I was incredibly honored when TOMS was approached to help them celebrate by partnering in a unique opportunity: the gift application on Facebook allows users to purchase and send virtual teddy bears, corn dogs, cupcakes, and other crazy icons to their friends within the network. Facebook has chosen 16 organizations who have each created 2 special gifts for this 200 million celebration- and the proceeds will be going to the organization's cause (Friends of TOMS, for us).

We brainstormed for hours on what to include as our 2 gifts- from sailboats to pancakes to a Vagabond van or a mountain of shoes, and ultimately chose 2 gifts that will share the TOMS One for One movement: a shoe with a parachute attached- a playful reference to our Shoe Drop program, and an image of one of our new spring styles. Both gifts are available RIGHT NOW on Facebook, and as an added bonus, TOMS is offering a $5 coupon for every one who sends a gift AND everyone who receives one. Jump over to Facebook and start sharing the One for One movement with your friends!

We're stoked to see Facebook celebrate this milestone with giving, by bringing together some great organizations, and encouraging all 200 million+ users to support a better tomorrow.

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