Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glad to be Home

I just returned from one month in South America where I completed my 9th shoe drop and took some time off for much needed R and R. During my time off, I enjoyed the silence and beauty of the Patagonia region, visited Iguazu Falls and caught the biggest fish of my life on a 5 weight fly rod. It was relaxation at its best. However, all feelings of peace evaporated when I woke up in my Long Beach hotel room this morning. It is now 8:39 and I find myself writing and rehearsing my TED Talk that I will give this afternoon. Today is the beginning of the TED conference which I have been invited to attend. Not only are they letting me attend all the amazing events and talks this week, I have been given the opportunity to give a TED talk (3 minutes) before a crowd of the most intelligent and innovative people in the world, including people like Bill Gates, JJ Abrams, Jeff Bezos, Seth Godin, and the list goes on and on. I usually do not get nervous speaking in front of people, but today is a little different. Today I will have the honor and privilege of sharing the TOMS story with each of these people and to learn about what they are working on and thinking about, too. I still cannot believe that I was invited to attend this amazing conference, much less speak, and I look forward to sharing many of the amazing ideas and experiences I will have with each of you over the next week. Needless to say, I am glad to be home :)

me and 27 inch rainbow from Baker river

me and my girlfriend Maggie at Iguazu


Lexi said...

Hi Blake,

I'm Alexis, speaker wrangler at BIL . . . please shoot me an e-mail about the title of your talk, thanks!

lexbright (at) gmail (dot) com

Cale said...

Nice rainbow, Blake. Come on down to Islamorada in the Keys, my friend, and strap your twelve weight on...

Anonymous said...

Blake, man. What an amazingly simple idea that get's people thinking globally and freely about caring for people. It's a movement and it's strong and it's amazing. I have signed up as a campus Rep next semester, and currently this semester my big focus is water. I'm coordinating The Tap Project here in Bowling Green, and am now doing a story about you in my entrepeneurship class. I know that by people idolizing you, you wonder am I all that great? Aren't I just a regular guy? You are. And so am I. But the path that you have committed yourself too is truly amazing from my perspective. I want to do what you do, or at least know how you do what you do. - Someone has got to read this and be like. That guy's gonna do something to help the world... and then grab me up to be part of this business. Thanks for your inspiration. Peace.

Paul Hemminger

Project Somos Children's Village said...

Just discovered your great work. Inspiring! Keep it up. I hope the TED Talk went well. What an honor!

The Kohl's said...

Hi Blake, can you help me start following your blog? I can't seem to find the correct link to click for following you. Thanks so much.

The Kohl's said...

Hey Blake,

Can you help me follow your blog? I can not seem to click the corrrect link to follow you.

Thanks so much.

Healthcareinfo said...

Hi Blake, checking in to see how my group Sister Cities Int. might get involved with the shoe give-a-way program. We're currently involved with a new school project in La Romana, Dominican Republic and additional projects in Haiti. Any suggestions will be welcomed.
Jeff Reagan