Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Shoe Drop of '09

In Misiones, Argentina with Maggie, Alejo, co-workers, and friends. January 2009.


gopal said...

Hi Blake,

About a month ago my sister gave me an article with an interview she said I had to read. Me, a guy with ideas to burn whose scared/excited about taking the first steps: she thought it'd help. It sure did. I've been checking in on your awesome blog ever-since and I feel genuinely inspired and energised by your enthusiasm and passion. Thanks! Its great how you're able to help so many people with your work - I hope I can do the same someday.

The very best for 2009 Blake.

(In search of a Mentor:))

Narash said...

Hi Blake,

Indeed, it is impressive! Have a great New Year ahead.


Pretty Pirate said...

After seeing your shoes all over the streets here in San Francisco, as well as my client coming in and telling me about her numerous pairs and the free gift (scarf) she received from all her purchases. I decided to buy some Toms for my boyfriend for Christmas/Hanukah. I got him the brown/black suede with the fluff inside. He is so in love with them and I imagine he will get another pair(s) that are more summer friendly in a few months. I just want to tell you how inspiring your idea is and tell you I commend you for your work. Next up, my pair, as soon as I can figure out which ones I want, there are so many options. I love the new boots too. Keep up your amazing vision!


LiveKindly by Emma said...

i'm fired-up by the TOMS shoes' story.

I blogged about it on my website dedicated to kindness. I usually focus on small acts of kindness that are easily do-able, but, hey, big thinking (like yours) deserves kudos, too, right?

I'd be honored if you checked it out:

Shine on!