Friday, December 4, 2009

As The Sun Rises

Bob Dylan plays
the sun rises
our plane is ready
the coffee strong

back i will go
soon will be back
witch's rock i will remember
ollie's point will i return?

thoughts are unfolding
plan for 2010 in the flow
give me a few more hours of thinking before i go

but with a smile
and love and light i give
for the sunsets filled my tank
and for this i have you, God, and everyone to thank.


Sarah J Clark said...

God is good. And His sunsets, glorious.

steph said...

After six years as an editor...I have spent the last 2 1/2 years teaching English abroad in Italy. Although I went for other reasons, I have returned to the States with a new sense of self accompanied by new goals. After learning the hardships of being an immigrant (an illegal one at times!), I would now like to contribute my efforts toward helping immigrants in America. Sometimes we go miles to find the best opportunities are in your own backyard.
Anyway, when I was visiting my family this past sumer, I remember seeing a commercial about Toms shoes and thinking it was an interesting concept, but wondering if it was just an advertisement. Then, I returned for the holidays just a few weeks ago and ran across a brief article about you/your company in a magazine. I asked my sister (who's a senior in college) if she'd heard of Toms shoes and she said two of her friends did internships with your company! It made me interested to learn more about what Toms shoes does. Well, the more I learned, the more I realized how one person's ideas really can make a difference. And it's even a catalyst for me to strive toward my new goals.
I'd appreciate if you didn't publish this comment, but just considered it a compliment from a person who admires ambition and generosity and how your company serves as a prime example that small ideas can become big opportunities to change paradigms.

steph said...

Ahhh-and i forgot to your poem you mentioned witch's rock and ollie's point--you must have been in costa rica! my grandparents were missionaries in costa rica and so my dad spent some of his childhood there. we all took a family trip when i was a teenager...i will NEVER forget taking a scary clankity-clank bus to the top of an inactive volcano. i vividly remember the colors of the farmers' clothes spread on lines in front of housing structures embedded in the emerald green of the mountainside. and when we reached the top, i'll definitely never forget standing in clouds peering down the biggest black hole i had ever seen or will ever see again in my entire life!

HistoriasMinuto said...


vakeating said...

That is beautifully said!!

Being able to take time from all that makes us busy and notice the beauty all around us - and further, SHARE it with others is a gift!

You will get back to Costa - the waves are always waiting!!

Happy New Year to you - wishing you many beautiful sunrises and sunsets!