Sunday, March 8, 2009

TOMS + Dave Matthews Band

A couple months ago, an amazing opportunity landed on our door step. I have to be honest, we're fortunate to have a lot of great individuals approach TOMS and want to do collaborations or partnerships, but this one in particular was really cool, and we knew right away we had to move forward.

Dave Matthews Band has been pioneering the music industry for over 17 years. They have sold over 35 million albums worldwide and have toured thousands upon thousands of miles all over the world. For this, and many other reasons, we knew they would be a great compliment to the TOMS Vagabond Tour.

The Spring 2009 Vagabond Vans have been out for a few weeks and if you've already made it to one of their events, you've seen the DMB seal stamped on the side that says, "Official Soundtrack." So what does that mean? When you watch the Vagabond's weekly videos on the TOMS YouTube channel, you'll hear Dave Matthews Band tunes... as well as some exclusive content. The band has also given us a stack of concert tickets to their shows, which the Vagabonds will be giving away at their events all semester long. You can see the Vagabond Tour schedule on the Events tab of the Facebook Page and DMB tour schedule here.

Its so neat to have one of the most influential, progressive, forward-thinking, change-making bands in American culture supporting the TOMS One for One mission? It's just amazing. We hope to soon see millions of Dave Matthews Band fans sporting TOMS and becoming part of this movement with us!

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BABabb said...

I learned of TOMS when I received an email from DMBwebsite about the pair of shoes that Dave Matthews had designed with TOMS. I bought the shoes and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes. I am also very excited about the fact that a child received a pair of much needed shoes. I just bought 2 more pair of TOMS shoes and am smiling because 2 more children now have shoes.