Thursday, December 4, 2008

spend less . give more

I just posted an article on The Huffington Post about how to give more and spend less for the Holidays in conjunction with our 30k in 30 days campaign.

DIGG the article, watch the video, share with your friends!!

Thanks, everyone!


words and photo booth moments said...

I just got your holiday catalogue and was thrilled to see how far the company has come ((I purchased my first few pair in the very very beginning after hearing about TOMS through a Myspace bulletin!)) what an inspiring company you’ve created..with an exciting future. I’m dying to check out those boots! I’m going to check by your website for ways to get involved and will mention you on my blog. Please let me know if you ever need any articles written etc..... amazing work! c

mao said...

hello ! I saw your website and you tube ! it is so great and we wrote about your project in our blog so i would be so glad if you could see it and see what we do in bangladesh !

blog is :