Friday, September 19, 2008

Making a Difference At Every Age

When I spoke at the Community Leadership Awards last week in NYC, I met a gentleman named Krisha Pendyala. Krisha told me about the AMAZING project his kids, Nyan and Lehka, have been working on.

I have been telling everyone I know about this project and I hope that you guys do to…

Nyan and Lehka, ages 9 and 7, are determined to fight the terrible problem of blindness in India. There are 320,000 blind children in India – more than any other country in the world. Nyan and Lehka’s goal is raise money to support the training of eye doctors. They hope to create 5 pediatric eye care centers to screen 5 million children and provide care to 725,000. To learn more, check out this You Tube video:

Nyan & Lekha have been working for over a year to raise money for their project “Kids for Sight”. So far, they have raised over $20,000… $1200 of which they have personally donated by sacrificing birthday presents. Talk about young people making a difference!

Kids for Sight’ has made it to the Top 25 out of 1,190 projects in a contest sponsored by American Express. Our goal is to help Nyan & Lekha make it into the finals. In early October, there will be another voting to determine how much each of the finalists wins ($100k to $1.5 million).

I just voted for Nyan & Lekha. It is really easy:

Step 1: Vote

To vote, go to the link below:

In order to vote, you must be an AMEX cardholder. If you are not, you can sign up very easily on this site.

Step 2: Tell your friends!

Encourage 4 of your friends to vote for Nyan & Lekha. Promote them on your Myspace, Facebook… use everything you got!

Step 3: Vote again in October when Nyan & Lekha make the finals.

Time is running out to vote… please do so ASAP.

Good luck Nyan & Lekha!


Chris said...

Sorry to hear the New Orleans shoe drop is getting pushed back... Hope it can get rescheduled soon... Look forward to seeing you down here...

Swaroop said...

Hi Blake, I read your news story on CNN and its really inspiring. I want to know how to get involved.

- ss.