Thursday, June 19, 2008

Whole Foods Eco Vegan Shoe!


Organic Addiction said...
Hey blake thanks...I like the shoes alot
Those are two zero's not O just to verify..

TheTruth said...

Blake! Glad to see I can finally buy a pair of TOMS! Had a blast skiing with you in Salt Lake City, Utah -- can't wait to go on a shoe drop! I'll be in touch soon.

Anthony David Adams
CEO / Founder

Jennifer said...

So, I got really excited about finding a pair of canvas TOMS shoes for my daughter, but then I found out the soles were leather. But with more searching, I found out that you make non-leather TOMS. But then I find out that they are only at Whole Foods and the 3 Whole Foods I contacted have no clue about toddler size 5, vegan TOMS...