Sunday, June 3, 2007

What I have learned

Fashion is an expression of who you are and how you feel. What you wear sets the tone for your whole day. I never understood this until I took this cross country trip. Over the past 75 days, I have met so many people, each with their own sense of style. What I have learned from my new friends is this:

1. Style does not mean having the "latest" items, designer brands, or hottest trend.

2. Fashion can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. $$$$ does not necessarily add style. How you wear it does.

3. One amazing accessory speaks louder than a whole outfit.

4. When possible, wear something that there is a story attached to, and not a story about the debt you incurred buying it.

5. Buy more clothes off ebay. Some of the girls I met with the best fashion sense across the USA taught me this trick.

6. Last, go to your closet TODAY, pick out everything you have not worn in the past 6 months and donate it to goodwill and/or the number of charities that help clothe men and women re-entering the work force. Think back to how much confidence that outfit gave you a few years ago and imagine someone else getting that joy for the first time. Do this TODAY. I promise it will make you smile, and make you feel better about the clothes left in your closet.

Today it is absolutely beautiful in Seattle. We are at the downtown Nordstrom stores, the flagship, and it feels good to be alive. I know Seattle does not get a lot of pristine sunny days, so I really am going to spend the afternoon encouraging people to GET OUT OF THE MALL and enjoy the day (after they pick up a pair of TOMS of course ☺)

2 weeks left and I am looking forward to some long hot showers and the cool breeze of the coast this summer.

Now I know it is clear that my keyboard has not been working so well the past month (by the absence of my blog entries) BUT THE VIDEO CAMERA HAS CAPTURED IT ALL.

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